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Barber shop with pampering services for a gentleman

Updated: Sep 3, 2022


Interestingly, a great customer experience comes from a best barber unique ability to identify, predict and personalise a customer’s needs. Most importantly relationship building enhances a customer’s experience.

The barbering tools for best barber

The perfect haircut is determined by two things:

  1. The barber

  2. The clipper

There are so many factors to choose a good barbering tools, such as a clipper. To find the best clippers, these are some of the guides that you need to look into:

  1. Each product’s rating

  2. Specification comparisons

  3. The qualities that make them unique

  4. Their pros and cons

  5. Comparison with other clippers

Best barber recommended clippers

The best brands of clippers in the market are:

  1. Oster

  2. Wahl

  3. BabylissPRO

  4. Andis

BESPOKE BARBERS - A father and son team

Bespoke Barbers LLP (BB &Co) is founded by an aspiring barber, Noor Muhd or better known as BarberNoh. Prior to this, he studied at Kimage Hairdressing Salon and has been in men’s grooming industry for the last 2 years.

This is a father and son team. Noor’s father, Muhd Ibrahim 59 years of age was in luxury retail sales. He managed to participate in the government initiative of SGUnited Skills Programme in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Specialist for a 9 month course.

The learning course

Interestingly this is the first ever such initiative by the Singapore government because of Covid19 situation. It is a 100% online training course conducted every day from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. Not only did he learnt a skill that is highly in current job market demands, in addition, all cohorts who are in this course receives a $1,200 monthly allowance. The original course fee costs about $26,000 but only need to pay $750 through Skills future fund. In other words , it is free! Fortunately, he get the opportunity to learn and upgrade his skills in digital marketing which will be more employable. Above all, this only happens in Singapore with such amazing government effort to help Singaporean during this tough time, with the ever-changing landscape in the working and business world.

Similarly, his son, BarberNoh also took advantage of the skill future programme funding and eventually he took up a course conducted by Kimage Hairdressing School. He has completed the course and at present, he is able to put it into good practice.

The Journey

Their hope is to write up on their journey from practically zero knowledge in the present business to setting up a saloon and to inspire other Singaporeans to take up courses to improve themselves and encourage them to become entrepreneurs even during this challenging pandemic period.

The combination of both father and son in marketing and barbering respectively will compliment the business in their own unique ways.


Firstly, being part of the barber & retail industry, in particular they will provide a relationship-oriented haircutting and grooming services for discerning male customers. Barbers will focus on providing services and building long-term rapport with our clients. They will deliver and provide personalised results based on the needs and wants of individual clients.

The Vision

Their vision is a barbershop that include pampering services in addition to a haircut . They aim to offer the best services to the customers with the right ambience and a wonderful customer journey. Apparently Bespoke Barbers vision is to become the preferred choice for customers to have their haircuts and pamper themselves at an affordable price point with maximum satisfaction.

The Mission

They are is in business to provide a good class haircut and grooming services and to bring men’s grooming to another level. They will do their best in the barbering industry which provides essential services to cater to clients’ well being and to make them smile, refreshed and relax upon leaving the shop.


Bespoke Barbers LLP (BB &Co) provides basic, signature and premium grooming experiences. We find the right haircut by looking at the texture of your hair and face shape.

The package are as follows:

The Basic Bespoke Grooming – S$40.00 (30 to 45 minutes)

  • Consultation

  • Haircut

  • Hot towel with head massage

  • Therapeutic head refresher

  • Styling

The Signature Bespoke Grooming – S$60.00 (45 to 60 minutes)

  • Consultation

  • Haircut

  • Hair wash with relaxing head and neck massage

  • Hot and cold towel treatment

  • Therapeutic head refresher

  • Styling

The Premium Bespoke Grooming – S$130.00 (90 to 105 minutes)

  • Consultation

  • Haircut

  • Face Grooming

  • Hair wash with relaxing head and neck massage

  • Hot and cold towel treatment

  • Therapeutic head refresher

  • Styling


Equally important, Bespoke Barbers also carry a whole range of hair products. This is inline with the mission of providing customers for the best barber services.

The product ranges are:

  1. Hair Pomade

  2. Hair Clay

  3. Shampoo

  4. Beard Oil

  5. Beard Wash

  6. Shaving Soap

  7. After Shave

  8. Body Wash

  9. Fragrance

Every product are made with clean and non-toxic ingredients. None of those synthetic ingredients and parabens that are bad for your skin.


In conclusion, if you want to look your best and are keen to have your hair done by a professional barber shop, look no further. The services are one of a kind and will give your hair that star quality treatment and care you crave. Pamper yourself with a stunning hairstyle at Bespoke Barbers and walk out looking and feeling great.

Bespoke Barbers started operation on March 2021 at a friendly and trendy area in 108 Joo Chiat Road, #02-01 Singapore 427401.

Our barbers gave services with their personalised extra touches. Our customers are our friends and we build trust with them with our impeccable service. You will feel refreshed and well-groomed after any of our services, easing away the stress of the day.

Book Online

Here below you will find details of our grooming services:

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